Drilling/workover & Completion Fluid Engineer (Mud Eng.)
Drilling/work-over & Completion Fluids Engineer for Egyptian Mud Engineering & Chemicals (EMEC). Responsibility: Provide onsite services by measuring, testing, and supervising the running of fluid mixing and pumping, including technical analysis and specific recommendations for controlling fluid properties. Assist in performing formulation, developing and recommending proper efficient mud program for rig operations and engineering’s of fluids. Perform field supervision and checks on mud system in use and ensuring compliance to approved program during drilling/work-over, and completion operations. Writing of well drilling fluids program, drilling phase report, inventory report, daily mud report, mud cost report, EOWR, and well recaps. Perform other related duties such as discussion with company man on the rig site, and the office based drilling fluids personnel. Carrying out complete mud checks in laboratory by performing full calibration of testing equipment. In addition carrying out laboratory quality tests by running out pilot tests to ascertaining products compatibility in mud. Perform other related duties as required.

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